Frequently asked questions

Is there car parking outside the studio and is it free?

Yes because of the days and times at both venues there is always places outside to park. All both the venues parking areas are free.

I am in a wheelchair and can't get out of my wheelchair can I still come?

Yes. I have taught a few people that are in wheelchairs. Your the boss and know your body so just do what you can.

What do I need to bring?

2 cushions 2 blankets 1 bolster or 2 pillows Bottle of water

I have a disablitiy, Autoimmune condition or chronic pain is there anything I need to do before I come?

Yes please email me So you can tell me about your Autoimmune condition, chronic pain or disabilitiy. I am fully quilifed to the point I know what poses you shouldn't do and what is good for you. So its important to know.

What do I wear?

Big fluffy warm tracksuits are the best. Bed socks. Look in the shop section so you get a better understanding. Remember this isnt normal yoga so no yoga pants or t shirts your get cold.

I am new what to expect?

Please make sure you leave your home 20 mintunes earlier to make sure you don't get lost. If your in stleonards studio press the buzzer (Main hall.) 10 mintues before class. I will then talk to you about any conditions you have or anything your nervous about. The ladies we have at the moment are very kind, caring and friendly. This isnt awhos best game. Its just time to chill out and relax to feel as if you have gone to heaven for an hour.

Virus times I am worries about coming back at the moment.

So am I !!!!!! I will only take 4 people a class. 2 metres apart. windows and doors open. Reiki will be given in the air and no touching. I have a non touch head temp that I use before any of you enter the class. I have hand sanitisers Rooms are throughtly cleaned everything its used. equipment is put i the washing mashine and disinfected. If you have a condition that is server you can also join us on zoom from home. Please email me for the link.

I have a new condition and I am a regular client do I need to tell you?

Yes please! So I know what poses I can do and not do with you. very important. Even if its piles , as some poses makes this worse.

I need to talk to you or ask for some advice is that okay?

If you are a student that comes regular then yes that is fine. Please understand that I need to work with you on a regular basis to beable to help you.

I can't afford to pay monthly?

Ask me about the grants system. You do not need to be on benifits or not working to recieve the grant.

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