Hello I am summer. 

9 years ago I was in labour with my second child.

Her heart beat dropped and we had to go in for an emergency c_section. 

we both died together and came back to life at the same time! 

We are very close as you could imagine. 

I have two other daughters that I am also close with. 

Unfortunately things wasn't straight forward with us. 

My daughter has special needs ,learning difficulties, autism high sensory and global delays.  

I developed nerve attacks that feel like electric shocks, fibromyalgia and gallbladder and IBS. 

I had to give up my job as a senior care assistant for over 12 years. 

Life had been very upsetting, stressful and very hard to cope with until I found reiki and restorative yoga. 

Don't get me wrong my daughter and I still have some hard days.

But reiki and restorative yoga is our stick to life helping us and supporting us with thinking positive and restoring our body and minds. 

Everything feels easier to cope with. 

I started to feel very happy and positive  about life thanks to this style of yoga. 

I decided to get my qualifications to become a fully qualified yoga teacher and to top it off. I also got a Autism yoga qualification and disabled and chronic condition yoga qualifications. 

I know how hard it is to be a carer or to have chronic pain. 

Thats why I want to help others to relax, pamper and take some recharged time out for their bodies and minds. 

for a donation only.

I am not making any money out of this 

but Im asking for donations for the 

hall hire, equipment hire, food , website and petrol.

Not only are we restoring and pampering our bodies and minds.

but we are pampering and making friends if we like to. 

We like to have pamper parties every week haha.

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