What we did to our bodies last week in restorative yoga.

Im sorry if there is spelling mistakes or the paragraphs that are not right I am quite dyslexic.

But I do have a lot of info haha. Xx

Childs pose in reclined.

.Health benefits.

.Reduces anxiety and stress.

.Releases the hormone endorphin Which makes you feel quite loved and happy they call it the cuddle hormone.

.Massages the small intestine to help you go to the toilet properly bringing faeces down into the lower intestine’s.

. Helps you to feel safe.

.A good pose to switch your nerve system into parasympathetic.

.lowers blood pressure.

supine reclined twists.

. Every organ around your torso and your stomach is squeezed in this pose releasing old bloods.

When you come out of this pose new blood is released into all of your organs which gives your organs a massive detox.

.Also your lower spine which is your coccyx and lumbar C4 to L5 is being twisted the vertebrae‘s.

This is also soaking your desks to the sides with new fluid a little like a sponge!

.Your train track muscles around your spine erecta muscle are being strengthened this is good for people with scoliosis, osteoporosis and any back issues that are deteriorating the Bone as the muscle starts to take the pressure of the bone.

Yoga Nidra.

Health benefits

. Everything is made of energy everything you are made out of is energy you have neutrons and atoms and more it’s all just energy.

You are alive with an energy called piranha this is what keeps you alive.

some call it universal energy.

However in yoga Nidra we are tapping into this piranha energy.

This is very very relaxing and we are staying in the present moment this also helps.

You are also connecting with your body and knowing where the tension is where the pain is in your body to help you understand your body and what could be wrong with your body.

Our body gives us warning signs most the time!

But we get too busy and don’t listen Or simpely just don’t know how.

This courses us stress, Trauma and dis-ease. (Disease.)

. Yoga Nidra gives us lots of energy healthy energy that we need it also gives us healthy energy for our cells, atoms and neutrons and all of our body organs bones muscles to help us to engergise and heal.

Did if you know:

In yoga Nidra I do not focus on the chest.

This is because a lot of people have anxiety and can have a panic attack when focusing on the chest. Its more nice and loving focusing on the heart.

remember that reiki and restorative yoga is for you to come to when you are in pain.

For me having MS my self it’s a painkiller that lasts for 8 hours!

so please come when your fatigue or in pain Or just feeling okay.

However please stay at home if you have a cold or flu 🤧.

Also if you have been to the classes

please could you be so kind and give us a review on the Facebook page.

Much love to you all. 🌸🌸🌸

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