Girl open those legs!

Gurl seriously do you know how bad it is to cross those legs? 

If I see anyone do this I tend to slap one of their legs as it’s much less harmful. 

Yes mummy tells you to cross those legs to be lady like. But do you know health wise it can cause damage! 

If you have high blood pressure your doctor will even slap those legs! Yeh that’s right. 

1. Crossing your legs even without a circulatory condition can cause high bloods d pressure. 

Your squeezing the back of your leg and the blood thinks basically your leg has fallen off!  The blood rushes to the heart leading to high blood pressure. 

Jesus that body gurl!

2. Your pelvis seeks out of balance. 

Are you a hyper mobile billy? 

Avoid the leg cross. 

This for any lady can cause a tipped pelvis leading to joint issues and on a serious note some ladies can’t fall pregnant. 

If you know a best girlfriend finding it hard to conceive this could be why so tell them to go to a chiropractor. 

But it’s good to know right! As you could make a baby for you friend. Not make the baby in making a baby way . 🙄 ohhh Wahhh.... let’s continue.  3. Spider 🕷 Veins 😩 . 

 Oh how we all hate those verrucous veins. Some of us are blessed and some of us are not this is all due to a family Genes. However crossing your legs can lead to inflammation when your back of your leg is compressed. There are tiny valves in the blood vessels, that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction. When your legs are crossed, the pressure on your veins increases and impedes your blood flow, causing the vessels to narrow and weaken and allowing the back flow of blood. This can cause pooling of blood in the legs and make your veins swell. 

4. A study found that sitting with the legs crossed for longer than three hours per day may result in a person developing a stooped posture, lower back and neck pains, and discomfort in their hips. Says brightside from Mandy. 

5. Do you have nerve damage? Why gurl do you cross those legs? 

 Staying in a crossed leg position for a long amount of time can paralysis that nerve gurl. That’s for all those ladies out there. 

I’m sorry if I write like a 3 years old 

I have Multiple Sclerosis.

😒 I have  🧠 💨 . 

Massive thank you to brightside.

Look down. 

The answer is next! 

So the moral of this story is 

Gurl don’t act a lady! 

Just be a bloody man. 


Legs up and legs open 

and a fishy goodbye. 


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