Terms and conditions.

Please make sure you know where you are going and how long it will take you to get to class. 

 please make sure You come 10 minutes before anyone else on your first arrival to your first class.

You will be given forms to fill out on your arrival so summer can understand where you hurt and what conditions you have but also learn what you can and can't do and what you do and don't like.

You are told numerous times to listen to your body. Please make sure you do this. 

You are not to stay in poses that cause you pain. 

You are not to stay in poses if you have pin and needles. 

You are not to stay in poses if they are causing you dizziness, feeling sick or feverish. 

You are not to stay in poses if you need the toilet, you get up and go to the toilet quietly then come back to your pose.

You are not to talk to other people about the other people in your class.

You will not be unkind, rude or narrow-minded. 

You do not help any of your yoga tribe up from a pose, you are not to lift any other member of the floor. due to you not having any insurance to do so. The teacher has insurance, manal handling and first aid lvl 3 at work to do so.

Do not come into class if you have had any shiatsu, deep massage, and high-intensity sports the day before.  

You are not to do yoga without signing your waiver. 

You are to ask for help from your teacher if you need it. 

You are to show respect, compassion and kindness in all classes. 

you are to walk around quietly if you have pin and needles. 

you are to go to the toilet when you need to. 

You to get yourself comfortable in your own way if you feel in pain in the pose. You are to tell the teacher at that moment in time in class. 

The biggest goal isn't to do poses! 

Its to listen to your body! 

Ms Maxine Davis 

Insurance with insure4sport.

Waivers from Brett Larkin.

First aid lvl 3 at work.

terms and conditions in the website.  

Please pay on the 1st of every month. 

Any holidays or dates that are planned please let summer know then only pay for the times you will be doing yoga that month. 

for NHS workers or nursing home carers that sometimes work weekends, this is exempt for you as we know that you don't find out till that week. 

Classes are non-refundable. please understand this is how hiring the studios are. So this is how we have to operate. I do tell most of you if you are poorly due to your conditions you should still come in as this yoga will make you feel better it will restore your body. If you have a cold or anything catchable please it is vital to stay at home. You could try doing your class at home while connected to zoom or maybe giving your space to a family member or friend.

Please feel free to email me for any questions. 

kind regards. 

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