The teacher.


I speak to you as I am writing this to just keep it a little personal so you can get to know me better as a teacher someone that you need to trust. I need to be open to you. 

Just like most people I have had a rough ride in life but also some very big highs. The thing about life is that we all have bad times, even all the spiritual people or the people that you think they have their shit together. The truth is no one has their shit together and no one ever will. But it's up to you how to act and how to see your shit haha.

My name is Maxine Davis 

But my ordained name is Summer this is my yoga teacher name and meditation teacher name. 

Its means (warm, friendly and healing.)

Most people will describe me as the most kindness person you have ever met.

The most caring person you have ever met. 

The most un judging person you have ever met.

I am. 

Because that is what I practice.

Don't worry I am not weird with it and I love to laugh! 

I like to joke around too. 


Why am I like this? 

Because everyone is suffering.

Whether it's physically or emotionally.  

So as soon as I feel that I am having downtime in life I think about other people that are worst off. Then I feel I have to help them out as I have been in this experience and that's how I work. I would never teach something that I have never been though in my life. I have an autoimmune disease and chronic pain but I love what I have.  

I don't need my walking stick any more. 

thanks to restorative yoga.

The yogi with the messy bun the the lazy clothes. 

I suffered with PSD and depression through trauma at the age of 12-26.

With addictions of alcohol and smoking heavily from the age of 13- 24. In repeated abusive relationships since a child to 26. 

Until the best thing that ever happened to me. I really hit hardship! 

Having died in labour and then coming back to earth, I really smelt the coffee

when I found out my daughter would be blind, deaf, wouldn't be able to walk or see.

 The doctor said it wasn't anyones fault and it just happened. But I thought it was my fault. 

I couldn't see a way out of this suffering and thought I was a bad mother so I  tried to kill myself due to my mental health issues and mental abusive relationship. 

Feeling someone grab my coat as I was walking in front of a big lorry I felt someone grab my hood on my coat.It was a buddhist monk from Sea road in Bexhill that saved my life. To calm me down the monk told me to go in to the Buddhist centre and made me a cup of tea. The first thing I said to him was " I will have a cup of tea but I wont join this cult.' The happy monk just laughed and wasn't offended. It was the most peacefullest and safe place that I have ever gone to in my life. ​

Because of that I asked to help out when the girls was at nursery to clean toilets and more.

A year passed and I decided to try one of the meditation classes. 7 years passed and I taught a class. Now I has been practicing the art form of compassion for every living being for 9 years. 

I  asked Kelsang Lama my dearest nun friend if there was anyway to teach with out being a nun.

Lama told me about REIKI. So the girl with the messy bun ME! Made MY way to Brighton to get my reiki attunements. I have been healing my daughter every night still from this day. Who is very healthy medically and can walk a little, hear, see and talk a little. My daughter has disabilities and learning difficulties also Autism. But her heart is so big and her mind is full of compassion raised truly on reiki and Buddhism. She couldn't be any more special. 

Doing Meditation and reiki  for years I love the world and life around me. I started to see visions. I gained a gift in  clairvoyance and mediumship. Just by touching someones body I know if something is wrong with the body.  My gift was strong and I believe I have healed many emotionally and physically. 

I had truly healed myself and my life. I found a perfect man later in life called LEO. We first met at Brighton buddhist centre. Leo has experience in reflexology, Buddhism Philosophy and Tio the unconditional love practice. 

 After years went by we had our last daughter. I died again but came back to earth.The problem was 2 emergency operations in 2 days. It was okay I would go home and heal with reiki and buddhism meditation and angel healing. 

The girl with the messy hair got home. I opened a letter from the floor to say that I had to to move out of my private rented home in 21 days. To find my landlady spilt from her husband and needed the house back. Not a worry insight due to having a daughter with disabilities and mental health issues.I thought it was going to be fine. I hadn't had chance to heal myself probably. I thought being in the situation with a disabled daughter I would go into a temporary accommodation so I could heal there but we didn't, We ended up in a hotel full of people on drugs and drink. From a 3 bedroom house to a hostel. I knew I was strong but I started becoming very ill through stress, fear and worry. I felt so frustrated and angry that the government and the council wasn't on my side. It made my world very fearful. I lost my practice with Buddhism, Reiki and I didn't believe in my angels anymore. Because I didn't understand why they wasn't looking after me. I Became seriously ill I couldn't walk bare, I had put on a lot of weight. I was very depressed and fearful, completely shut myself away from the world to protect myself. 

However I had to get myself together again. I couldn't look after myself let alone my children so I had to change. 

I meditated once and heard a voice that said " REDEMPTION. " 


All the sudden everything made since to me. 

 This was a lesson everything was a lesson.

I had to healed my addictions and

My Relationships. 

I had healed my body and my daughter.

I had to heal my emotional and physical traumas.

My fear and anger. 

I Looked for a goal that I wanted to achieve while I was in the hostel. 

Learning how to be a yoga teacher was what I choose as i wanted to be a yoga teacher when I was a child.

I practiced yoga everyday.

I practiced cardio workout everyday for an hour. 

I practiced Reiki everyday. 

I practiced buddhism meditations everyday.

I eat healthily every day. 

I drank 2 litres of water a day.

In one month I came off my walking stick. 

In 3 months I lost 2 stones. 

In 4 months I was jumping over my dads balcony on ground floor level and I can run. 

In 5 months I had a beautiful glow, My IBS left, My depression left, I started to be kind to everyone again ,even the drug users and drink people in the hostels looked after us.I made them smile with jokes and laughter and I felt humble. 

I made a charity for all the children to have new toys in the communal rooms so they felt a little better. 

In 6 months I had lost 4 stones I was happy even in the hostel. 

I signed up for yoga teacher training There was 107 of us and only 30 people passed I was one of those 30 people. 

9 months we had to move out the hostel as a new man in the hostel beat the worker in the kitchen. Also one of my mum friends who is a single mother got raped and attacked. 

It shook me again I felt a lot of fear and anger. 

The next day all families was moved into temp accommodations. 

I kept on with my yoga and passed everything with flying colours. 

My pain come back and my illness come back more then ever. 

I was diagnosed with nerve damage, a small lesson in my brain. 

I was told by my consultant I should be in a wheelchair by now. 

I told him no Im to strong for that. I do to much yoga and have a healthy life! 

I moved to my final home. 

Just recently I was diagnosed with lupus the one that affects the organs and nerves. 

I believe this is through trauma. 

I believe that yours is to, think about it hard.

When did all this pain and illness happen for you? 

This is why I tell my story today. 

I am not just a yoga teacher or a yoga therapist. 

I am a yoga warrior and I am going through what your going through. 

I have healed so many people and myself so many times and I will do it again.  

I will also be that teacher to guide you through your healing. 

I love my autoimmune condition, I love my pain. 

This is what I teach to my students too.

You will see your illness and pain in a different manner. 

Then you will peal away layers of illness and trauma. 

Restorative yoga really did change me! 

As a person and my life.

It will do for you to if you stick with it.  

P.s Im sorry if not a a good writer or if there is spelling mistakes. My formal braining doesn't work as good as my inner peace and happiness. 


Distinction Diploma Meditation Teacher. 

Reiki lvl 1 and 2 Going in to masters 7 years.  

Angel therapist. 5 years. 

Student of  compassion Buddhism for 9 years.

first aid lvl 3 at work. updated. 

Care assistant for 15 years.  

200hr yoga teacher training. 

60hr disabled and autoimmune specialist yoga training. 

60hr Autism yoga teacher training. 

100hr Restorative yoga teacher training. 

Distinction Diploma clairvoyance and mediumship teacher training, 

Harvard university on understanding pain receptors and nerve pain. 

My loving Lupus. 

A mother of a disabled and mental health child. 

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