Restorative yoga is a specialized yoga in India for people with disabilities and chronic pain, fatigue, and conditions made by a yogi called Iyengar.

restorative yoga is staying in yoga poses with props, chairs, and pillows with blankets for 5_10 minutes

Feeling your body restore. 

the scientific study uni of California did numerous tests to see what restorative yoga did to the body. 

To their amazement restorative yoga actually restored the body and mind in many ways. 

these are some if you keep the classes up you will see these improvements and they will stay! 

Improves muscle by working from the inside out.

This works by getting rid of the stress and tension for a deep relaxation for the muscles to restore.

Gets rid of depression, anxiety, and stress. Exchanging it for more dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. The happy hormones.

Grows healthy cells. 

Cells all around your body.

Less pain. 

due to body relaxation with muscles and nerves. 

Lowers Blood Pressure. 

Massages the actual organs.

Soaking with fresh blood and water. 

Getting rid of waste faster.

restoring organs. 

Gets rid of Cortisol which is fat in the stomach. 

Helping you to lose weight just as much as doing a cardio workout! 

scientific fact! 

It helps bone conditions, restores bone cells low or fast depending on conditions, soaks disks in the fluid. 

Swelling reduction. 

slows down aging. 

Due to the restoring cells.

Gives a glow and bounce back to the face. 

History of restorative yoga. 

The Guru
Iyengar's home town, Bellur, was in the grip of the influenza pandemic at the time of his birth, and an attack of that disease left the young boy sickly and weak for many years. Throughout his childhood, he struggled with malariatuberculosistyphoid fever, and general malnutrition. "My arms were thin, my legs were spindly, and my stomach protruded in an ungainly manner," he wrote. "My head used to hang down, and I had to lift it with great effort."
Summers mentor 
Judith Lasater gained her bachelor's degree in physical therapy, and a doctorate in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco.[4] In 1970, while still a student, she developed arthritis and, feeling debilitated, began yoga at the YMCA in Austin, Texas. She stated that she instantly felt better, and has not suffered from arthritis since then.

Summer has a diploma distinction in meditation teaching, first aid level 2. Reiki master and a 200hr certified yoga teacher. With over 12 years of care experience. Learning once a month with the famous yoga teacher and Ph.D. Judith Lasater the lady that gave teachings restorative yoga to the USA and the West. Summer has also learned with Yotism that specialize in a special needs and disabled yoga company in London. Summer has always been around people and children with disabilities and chronic conditions. From being an outdoor instructor helping disabled and blind children ab-sail and rock climb to having a disabled child herself, so she knows a lot in this area. 

Summer has also being a care assistant in a nursing home for 12 years. 

Summer has multiple sclerosis and peripheral nerve damage. 

" The occupational therapist nearly got me a wheelchair as I couldn't walk! 

 Found this yoga did it every night. In 6 months I am running and doing headstands. 

I know it works and thats why I am so passionate to teach this yoga to others!' Summer 

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